The universal sign of sadness tears are the heart’s comfort.

When overcome with emotion, we cry to unburden ourselves and shed the weight of our sorrow.

A single tear has the power to convey our feelings more clearly than we could ever express with words. 





The Emblem

The Tear of a Fox serves as a reminder that we are all interconnected and, when we see hurt, we have an instinctual desire to help. The symbolic tear represents the burden carried by those who despair. But, if we all do our part and carry a tear, the sorrow becomes more manageable as no single tear is too heavy. Every KP Woman’s bag is made with cruelty-free materials and comes with a Tear of a Fox pendant to remind us that we have the power to make a difference and, together, our impact is immense.



The Design & Style

The KP Women’s line features fashionably functional bags with style options from casual to sophisticated. Our minimalistic designs provide a chic look while maintaining optimal performance and purpose. All bags are non-leather, cruelty-free in addition to being eco-friendly, wrinkle-proof, water/dirt repellant, and ink-resistant.