The Ultimate Fidget Pen 

The Orbit Pen: Putting balance and productivity in your hands.  

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What is an Orbit Pen?

This is no ordinary fidget toy. Uniquely designed to engage active hands and stimulate right brain activity without disrupting concentration, the Orbit Pen is elegant, compact, and soothing.

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The Pen & Base 

The Orbit Pen comes in 2 separate parts. The magnets on the pen’s stem allow it to spin in the base, creating a

hands-free device that you can interact with while continuing to work.


Here are a Few Features -  

Built with more than just a pen, the Orbit Pen comes with many features. 

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Pen Tool

The Orbit Pen is first and foremost a world class writing instrument, featuring a twist accessible highly tuned fine tip. Thanks to its upper body extension feature, the Orbit Pen is as sleek as it is functional. 

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If one Orbit Pen is fun, imagine how much fun multiple Orbit Pens would be? The docking base allows for several pens to be stacked on top of each other and spun simultaneously, creating a uniquely dazzlingly display.    

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With in-built interactive elements and tactile simplicity, the Orbit Pen helps to promote creativity and stimulate mental activity. It’s user friendly design and unique additions make it well suited for stress-reduction. 



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