Introducing: The KP Slim Wallet



A thin, light and compact wallet. The newest KP Slim Wallet is perfect for you. With 10mm thickness only, it is made of soft and durable microfiber leather. It will fit comfortably in the back pocket of your tight jeans.


What is Microfiber Leather?

  • Performs better than real leather
  • Light weight, soft, good breathability, smooth and good feeling
  • Tear resistant, abrasion resistant, cold-resistant, acid proof, alkali-resisting, non-fading and great tensile strength
  • Antibacterial and eco-friendly



  • Dimensions: 4.02”L x 3.62”W x 0.16”D (Inches) / 10.2H x 9.2W x 0.41D (CM)
  • Weight: 0.08 lb / 0.004kg