AVA Shopping Bag White - Large

AVA Shopping Bag White - Large

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The AVA is a spacious and functional tote for those who have a lot to carry. The comfortable shoulder strap makes it ideal for all women and casual shoppers. Within the soft inner lining there is a zipper pocket.


  • 100% Weatherproof

  • Made from cruelty-free & eco-friendly materials

  • Interior - Micro-Polyester

  • Exterior - Micro-Finish Polyurethane with Tri-Protection Coating 

  • Dirty marks can be removed easily with tools like an erasers.

  • Dimension - 16"W x 24"H x 6"D (Inches) / 40.64W x 60.96H x 15.24D (CM)


  • Tear of a Fox Emblem

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