The Ultimate Travel Bag

When it comes to design there is nothing quite like an exotic sports car, not only do they look stunning with their gorgeous shapes but they’re also built to perform as awesome as they look. This was our inspiration for our newest bag; KP Duffle. We wanted to make a bag that not only had a stunning appearance but offered functionality/performance that was second to none.


A fast looking bag with quick-access pockets

Most duffle bags on the market either have a square or cylinder shape but for the KP Duffle we wanted to create something that has never been seen before in travel bags. We wanted the shape of the bag to evoke the same feelings you get when you see a Ferrari speeding down the highway.


Ventilated Shoe Compartment

It is often that we might need to bring a second pair of shoes when we travel. The ventilated shoe pocket is convenient and will help to keep the bag smelling fresh and dry.


Front Utility Hatch

Keeping your cords, cables, chargers, etc. organized is usually a hassle. With the Utility Hatch we’ve created a separate area of the bag to keep these things organized making your journey a whole lot easier.


Spacious Main Compartment

We made the bags interior bright for easy visibility and included mesh pockets to keep your smaller items separate/organized. Plus there is also an inconspicuous wallet pocket to make sure you don’t lose what’s most important.


Tablet Compartment

This easy access tablet compartment is perfect for your iPad, Surface and Galaxy Note, etc. as it won’t be buried beneath your stuff. The interior is covered with microfabric lining to protect your tablet from getting scratched.


Keep your valuables safe

The Secret Compartment

We've designed a passport sized secret compartment somewhere in the Duffle to store your important belongings. This compartment is so hidden that it's virtually invisible. We can't release the location of the secret compartment here, because then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. You’ll have to really look for it to find it when you receive your KP Duffle.

The Zipper Loop Lock

A Simple and smart design to secure your valuables in the Sling. If someone tried to unzip the bag, the loop lock would catch/get caught and you'd feel someone trying to pull it open. It's an extra-security feature that would make the bag more protected if you so choose.

Be Safe Stamp.jpg

See Travis Wall from So You Think You Can Dance Season 2 rocking our Army Green Duffle!

                 Source: Instagram  @traviswall

                Source: Instagram @traviswall


Specs & Details


  • Dimensions: 9"H x 21.5"L x 10.5"W (Inches) / 23H x 55L x 27W (CM)
  • Weight: 4.4 lb / 2 kg
  • Capacity: 24 liter
  • Exterior: High Quality Scratch Proof PU
  • Interior: Ripstop Nylon
  • Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy Hardwares
  • 100% Water-resistant
  • Water-resistant Zippers
  • 16 Unique Storage Compartments
  • Ventilated Shoe Pocket (Fits up to size 13 Mens)
  • iPhone Sized Pocket (Fits iPhone 6 & 6 Plus)
  • Padded Tablet Compartment
  • Hidden Water Bottle Compartment
  • Utility Hatch (Designed for Chargers & Cables)
  • Comfortable Handle with Magnetic Snaps
  • Pen Loop & Removable Key Fob
  • Interior Mesh Pockets
  • Concealed Wallet Pocket
  • Extra-Wide Shoulder Strap with Shoulder Pad
  • Dopp Kit with Toiletry Bottle Set
  • Meets Airline Carry-on Dimensions


The Matching Dopp Kit

Every KP Duffle is accompanied by its own KP Dopp Kit (with matching color), which is designed to rest snugly against the interior curves of the bag. This sleek bathroom bag is made of a high-quality PU leather exterior and has a bright interior featuring multiple mesh pockets. Keep your gels, pastes, and everything else you need to get ready for the day neatly organized, while also keeping everything outside of the Dopp Kit protected from potential leaks. Comes FREE with every KP Duffle Purchase.

Toiletry Bottle Set

The KP Dopp Kit wouldn’t be complete without a toiletry set. That’s why we’ve included one with each Dopp Kit. The 6-piece bottle set fits perfectly inside the KP Dopp Kit and is included with each KP Duffle. It is ideal for shampoo, conditioner, after shave, toner, lotions, etc. Meets TSA carry-on guidelines which makes your security screening process easier.

The Matching Dopp Kit and Toiletry Bottle Set are included FREE with every KP Duffle Purchase.