The Ultimate Backpack

Imagine a backpack not limited by gravity. One built with a weight-dispersion mechanism based on the suspension systems found in contemporary race cars, delivering a travel experience unaffected by bumps and vibrations — isolated from external irregularities to deliver a smooth and weightless trip.


Effortless loading & unloading

Opening wide like the hood of a car, Zero-G’s swivel hatch lets you instantly see all your accessories and essentials. Spacious and logical, this partitioned area includes a dedicated iPad compartment (ready for your mini or full-size device), pen slots (perfect for your multifaceted KP MultiPen), and a concealed pocket for your wallet.


Smart Storage

Distinctly modern, Project Zero-G champions minimalism and functionality. Its two main storage areas — a primary compartment and a utility hatch — can be navigated with just one hand, both saving you time and keeping you organized.


Your laptop, well protected, 360°

Sliding in sideways, your laptop has its own safe room that accommodates machines up to 15-inches in size and guarantees 360° protection. Your smartphone also has its own special hideout: a detachable travel pocket, furnished with magnetic snaps and a micro-velvet interior (available in 2 sizes, accommodating either an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus).


Zero-G Suspension System

Introducing the world's first 4-point independent suspension - a dynamic system that maximizes comfort by minimizing weight – Zero-G offers the most comfortable and responsive wearable experience in the world.

The problem with today’s backpacks is their static design, making them both unresponsive to changes in motion and uncomfortable to wear. This issue negatively affects your movement, exaggerating weight and straining your back. Backpacks shouldn’t be a burden — they should make your life easier.


Let our suspension take the weight, not your shoulders

As modern adventurers, we found that we needed a backpack that would both lighten our load and adapt more flexibly to our constantly changing environment. That’s why we launched Project Zero-G. After over 18 months of meticulously considering all of the existing limitations of traditional backpacks and obsessing over every functional and aesthetic detail, we finally designed the backpack of our dreams, developing original wearable technology in the process.


World's First Backpack with Protective EVA Base

Engineered to protect, Project Zero-G is the world’s first backpack designed with a water-and-shock-resistant EVA base. Like the soles of high-performance running shoes, this impenetrable EVA bottom is both durable and flexible. Protruding from its base are 2 elevated bumpers; as the Zero-G’s first points of contact with the ground, they enhance protection by creating a buffer between the Zero-G and any surface.


Available in Two Sizes


Specs & Details


  Specs & Details

  • Dimensions: 
    15": 13.5W x 19L x 5.75D (Inches) / 34W x 48L x 15D (CM) • 3lb / 1.4kg
    13": 12.75W x 17.5L x 5.25D (Inches) / 32W x 45L x 13D (CM) • 2.4lb / 1.1kg
  • Capacity: 15" - 20 liter / 13" - 15 liter

  • Zero-G 4-point independent suspension
  • Interchangeable lower suspension strap
  • EVA water/shock resistant base
  • 100% Water-resistant
  • Water-resistant zippers
  • Magnetic locking hardware
  • 12 Unique storage compartment
  • Meets Airline Carry-on Dimensions
  • Laptop compartment: Zero-G 15 fits up to 15” laptops,
    Zero-G 13 fits up to 13” laptops
  • Padded iPad compartment (Fits iPad & iPad mini)
  • Detachable iPhone sized pockets (Fits iPhone 6 & 6 Plus)
  • Utility hatch (Designed for electronic accessories & essentials)
  • Pen slots & key ring
  • Concealed wallet pocket
  • Padded shoulder strap for extra comfort