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An innovative yet simple solution that combines fashion, lifestyle adaption and technology in one has arrived. With the interchangeable flap, you will be able to easily transforms its looks, function and capacity to suit different situations and occasions. The KP FaceOff is the messenger bag, for you.

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The bag we carry is more than just a container. It expresses a feeling and it represents an image. By switching out the design of the flap, we can dress the bag appropriately for different occasions. Choose an executive style flap for working or meeting clients to give a professional look. Then Switch it to a graphical style for weekend or leisure time.  In this way, we will always express ourselves in a style of our choosing.

FaceOff Utility
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Got more stuff to carry?  A flap with Five additional pockets provides the solution. These Five extra pockets will extend the capacity of the bag by another 30%!  This flap is ideal for travel or simply when there is a need to carry more stuff.

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Bicycling is fun and promotes good health. To keep ourselves safe while riding, it is important that we can be seen by drivers, especially at night or in low-light conditions. We designed a flap with a built-in EL light-stripe that illuminates and flashes specifically to tackle this problem. It can help the rider stay visible and increase safety for cyclists, bikers, skateboarders and will fit a multitude of other uses.  Three illumination modes: Solid, Slow blink and Fast blink.  Powered by two AA batteries.


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